Universal A-Frame Step Ladder Safety Handrail
Universal A-Frame Step Ladder Safety Handrail
Universal A-Frame Step Ladder Safety Handrail

LADDERAIL™ - Universal A-Frame Step Ladder Safety Handrail

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LADDERAIL™ is easy to install and simple to use.  Extend to middle position for use as a brace or fully extend for use as a handrail while the tool tray keeps everything within reach.   

Every step ladder needs one because warning labels are often ignored; It's a simple solution to an age old problem. 

051497308384 LADDERAIL

051497308384With LADDERAIL™ you'll now have 3 adequate points of contact to safely take a step up and lean in or a hand rail to hold.

051497308384You've spoke and we're listening, now featuring an all aluminum bracket design. Combined with 3M™ VHB™ permanent double-sided tape, the ratcheting clamps are easy to install and ensure LADDERAIL™ is securely attached.

LADDERAIL™ complies with OSHA guidelines for ladder accessories and surpassed a 230 pounds forward and backward cantilever test for ladder attachments set by ANSI - (A14.8 - 2020 - testing standards).

2 minute Installation Video

3M™ VHB™ (Very High Bond) was tested to have higher holding strength then rivets or screws and will not affect the ladder's structural integrity or void its warranty.  Just a 2 sq. inch piece of VHB can pull a truck; you'll have 16 total sq. inches.

LADDERAIL fallOverreaching and looking up can lead to loss of balance if you're not well supported. 

LADDERAIL family feudWe know that leaning into a ladder is the safest way to use one.  This is why the top rung warns "Do not stand on or above this level; you can lose your balance"

LADDERAIL TelusLADDERAIL™ is designed to help save limbs, ligaments and lives.  Ladders are statically the most dangerous household and workplace tool.  In just the US, 97.3% of the yearly average 500,000 ladders accidents requiring medical treatment, happen at home. 

LADDERAIL™ is OSHA compliant and will not void a ladders structural warranty; so it may be used as a handrail and convenient raised tool tray while complying with workplace safety regulations.  Warning labels will be partly covered during installation, should you need them for inspections, replacement label kits can be purchased online. 

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To learn more about LADDERAIL™, visit our Instagram or Facebook account and please follow us for updates.  If you have any questions or comments, please email LADDERAILSAFETY@gmail.com and we'll be glad to help.