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Test Videos

Cantilever Test Video

LADDERAIL™ complies with OSHA guidelines for ladder accessories and surpassed a 230 pounds forward and backward cantilever test for ladder attachments set by ANSI - (A14.8 - 2020 - testing standards).

LADDERAIL™ Lean Test Video

One should never do a anti-gravity lean on a ladder but done to demonstrate LADDERAIL™ is safe on a short 4 ft ladder. The taller the ladder, the further those forward feet would be. We have customers who have retrofitted LADDERAIL™ onto their 16fter and are happy they found LADDERAIL™.

Tool Tray Strength and Durability Test Video

LADDERAIL™ plastic components are all made of Glass Filled Nylon, which is incredibly strong and rigid. Together with anodized T5 6061 aluminum components, LADDERAIL™ is build to last. 

Latch and Handle Strength and Durability Test Video